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About Us

The Premise

We have all been beautifully and wonderfully made with dignity. Yet we can each say with conviction that we are not perfect. The world around us isn’t either. Our joys seem to coexist with our sorrows.

The Mission

Of Ashes and Beauty exists to encourage, inform, give clarity and uncover the true beauty in a world that can at times be dark, confusing and seemingly hopeless. We hope you’ll grasp that the troubles in this life are not worth comparing to the true beauty that is to be revealed to us.

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We want to encourage, affirm and teach a biblical knowledge of God and his creation.What is your theology? God, the one who has the power to bring dust to life, to create this world and every created being within it, has given us his very word. It is perfect, infallible and meant to guide, comfort and convict us in this life. Not one of us can recall each of the processes that have taken us from conception within our mother’s womb, to where and who we are now. This is because we were created; and like all things created, we have a Creator who knows best how we are to function and flourish in every circumstance. We hold the Bible as God’s own written word to and for us.



We want knowledge of God to translate into appropriate biblical application. Some have read God’s word for themselves, some have learned from others and many do not believe that God’s word is worth their time or thought (and we are glad you are here). No matter where any of us fall on the spectrum, in this Information Age, we study many things that aren’t necessarily intentionally practiced in our lives. We don’t want to merely hear and comprehend the knowledge of God. We desire that our knowledge be experiential by way of our theology being made practical for everyday life.



Life is messy. At some point in time, in our individual lives and in our communities, we have to face situations and circumstances that are not beautiful. When we look at scripture in the Bible, we find this common reality woven into the lives of it’s characters. Our world is broken,… but your story doesn’t have to end in brokenness. We want to empower you to be able to take your real life and hold it to the Truth in God’s word to make informed decisions with confidence that comes from obedience. We want to empower you to have the peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of varying circumstances. We want to appeal to your mind through the scriptures and a variety of resources to build your faith through the grace of Christ Jesus and to equip you for good works.



We hope that all of the above will inspire you to consult God about how you, with your unique gifts and talents can do the same thing for someone else.